How to Make Extra Money on Disability

Need extra money while on disability?

Or are you waiting for benefits to begin?

How to Make Extra Money on Disability.

My name is Don Sloan, and I am permanently disabled. While waiting for my disability checks to start back in 2010, I was desperate for cash to make ends meet.

So, I began creating short promotional videos for innkeepers, vacation rentals, nonprofits, businesses, online retailers, and high-end real estate listings.

The concept worked and I never looked back. I still make more than $650 a month even now, working just a few hours a day to supplement my disability checks — by creating and selling videos like the one above and the six shown below.

I could easily double that amount if I just wanted to put more time into it. But I know my physical limits. And besides, I’d rather teach you my tips and techniques — step-by-step — so you can learn to do it yourself. And taste the sweet success of financial freedom.

You can specialize in just one niche or try them all for a virtually infinite worldwide market. We’ll give you the scripts, the music and the image suggestions for each one — the templates that resonated most often with these targeted buyers from our past experience.

Then, you can be as creative as you want to be, exploring new formats, new music, new images and even adding video clips as part of brand new programming, targeting markets we haven’t even yet dreamed of.

Seriously, there is that kind of potential here. But, I would urge you to carefully learn our system first — by ordering and completing our exclusive 20-module eCourse.

Keep scrolling to view all the examples and read all the details. I’ll see you in the course videos!

Create shows like these for fun and profit.

Target: Bed and Breakfasts Worldwide

Work from home — or wherever you’d like. 

How to Make Extra Money on Disability.

The real beauty of this eCourse is that, after completion, you can take your laptop anywhere there is WiFi or a HotSpot — at home, at your favorite coffee shop, at the beach — anywhere, really.

No need to be tied to a desk. Perfect for the disabled, and anyone who wants to make a comfortable side income.

One of our highly successful and proven methods for sales relies on a concept known as Push Marketing — in which you create a custom video using information and images taken from a potential customer’s website. Then, you send them a link — and they are typically blown away. So, if you have 10 videos out for review at $75 each and 5 accept on any given day — that’s a $375 payday! It’s a simple recipe and it works very well.

In the course, we explain how this highly proactive technique results in an excellent percentage of conversions — putting money in your pocket quickly — often within days.

Target: Vacation Rentals Everywhere

No experience necessary.

How to Make Extra Money on Disability.

Just bring a little creativity and a willingness to follow detailed instruction in the production of online video.

You’ll learn where to find high resolution images and video clips, how to animate them, and how to use more than 100 custom templates that can make anyone look like a pro.

In fact, it’s the templates — combined with the best-quality production music on the web — that make each piece outstanding. The smooth, professional feel to them will consistently deliver happy customers.

You’ll discover the best sources for images, graphics, special effects, cinematic production music and much, much more.

Target: Nonprofits of Every Type

A 20-Module eCourse

How to Make Extra Money on Disability.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating professional, high-definition videos for clients around the world.

Discover everything from how to pick the best PC or laptop to setting up your online resources and website, as well as creation and marketing of these one-of-a-kind video productions.

All 20 lessons are downloadable at once, so you can begin right away.

Each of the brief videos on this page are real-world examples of the kinds of productions you can create — at home, in just a few hours — to bring in cash within days..

See a detailed outline of the course by clicking here.

Intended Target: Businesses: Local, Regional, National, International

Target: Internet Retailers Across the World Wide Web

Target: High End Real Estate Listings Anywhere

On special sale now.

How to Make Extra Money on Disability.

This eCourse: Niche Video Production in the 21st Century is available for a limited time at a huge, introductory discount.

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And PayPal will even give you the opportunity to take 6 months to pay, interest-free.

Fast, enjoyable, profitable — what do you have to lose?

Let me help you to achieve your financial goals — while having a creative blast. Download this eCourse today.

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How the Process Works


can you work while waiting for disability

One of our highly successful and proven methods for sales relies on a concept known as Push Marketing — showing a potential client a creative and unique video solution to his or her need to promote themselves.

Utilizing this method, there’s no need to wait for someone to stumble upon your website. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

You’ll choose a niche market to pursue — say Bed and Breakfasts. of which there are hundreds of thousands around the world, each with a constant need to persuade potential guests to stay with them.

Identify a B&B by looking through the listings on one of these three international B&B website directories.

Remember, you need not limit yourself to those B&Bs in your town, state or even country. That’s why it’s called the World Wide Web. Time required: 10 minutes.


Step 2

financial help while waiting on disabilityFind their photo gallery, showing their guest rooms, their parlor or common room, their dining room, their special amenities (hot tub, sauna, exercise room, etc.), and any exterior photos showing the house at various angles. If they have a photo of the Innkeepers, download that as well — all to a special folder on your Google drive or your flash drive. Time required: 20 minutes.

Step 3

Note any particular other features the Innkeepers emphasize about their B&B — proximity to local attractions, an onsite lake, a picturesque gazebo for weddings — that sort of thing. If there are photos of them, download those as well. Time required: 5 minutes.

Step 4

how to make money at home if your disabledAdapt the script we supply in our eCourse module on B&B marketing, adding in or taking away elements that will make it unique to the B&B you are targeting. Time required: 15 minutes.

Step 5

Now, with images safely stored and a script written, you need only decide on a template and music. Here again, we have you covered with several suggestions that work best for B&Bs. Or, you can choose others from the online editing site’s vast library of templates and songs. Time elapsed: 5 minutes, if you use our suggestions (recommended).

Step 6

Place the photos and the music into the video storyboard. Time elapsed: 15 minutes.

Step 7

how to make money while on disabilityPreview the video. This is where the magic happens and you see your unique creation come alive. Adjust as necessary to pace timing of the images and scripted words to the beat of the music (we’ll show you how). When you’re satisfied. name the video and choose a thumbnail image to serve as a cover. Elapsed time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 8

Click Produce and have a cup of coffee while the online software renders the finished show into something called an MP4 file. Time elapsed: 10 minutes.

Step 9

Write a brief note to the Innkeepers with a link to the finished video, which will show up in its own player like this. We also supply a suggested template note we have found to be effective. Time elapsed: 5 minutes. Total time from picking a target B&B to finished video and email contact: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Step 10

Send the note and link.

Step 11

how to make money on disabilityWait 24 hours and call the Innkeepers, identifying yourself and asking if they received your note and link. (we supply a suggested “script” to follow in making this call.) Often, they’ll respond positively, either saying they loved the video and want to buy it as is or they’ll ask for a few changes — different photos, different music or different wording here and there — all easily changeable within 15 minutes of the time you end the call.

Send the new link and call back the next day. Again, typically, this concludes the process and you can send an invoice via PayPal before sending a link for them to download the video for posting on their website. Or, you can simply upload it to your YouTube channel and send them a link to post on their site.

Either way, you don’t send the finished video or link until you receive a notification from PayPal that your invoice has been paid. This way, you receive payment usually within a few days of creation of the video.


If you don’t sell that particular video, you can easily recycle the template with new photos from a different B&B, using most of the same script. Repeat with a note to the new B&B. In this way, you can have 10 or 12 videos out for followup at any one time.

Are you wasting your time? Not at all. The more videos you have in circulation awaiting approval, the higher your chances are of sending three and four invoices a day.

I typically charge $75 each for a B&B video. This may seem low, but remember, you only spent an hour and 45 minutes putting the show together. That’s around $37 an hour for your time. Did your last job pay that? Or your current part-time job?

And the low price point many times elicits a quick “Yes!” from the Innkeeper.

If you have 10 videos in circulation and half send payment on any given day, that’s a $375 payday.

Not bad for a part-time job.

And all without leaving home, commuting to a traditional workplace or even getting out of your pajamas.

Ready to download the eCourse and get started? Click here.

What’s Covered in the eCourse

can you work part time while waiting for disability

This eCourse features a rich mix of step by step video instruction and ancillary materials — such as detailed scripts and templates to follow, invaluable links, and spreadsheets showing, among other things, how to track which clients are potentials and which are already underway as active projects.

There’s even a separate module on how to set up your finances, organize your videos, and get your website up and running to give your venture style and credibility.

In time, people will visit your site in ever-growing numbers, giving you commission work to do while continuing to aggressively pursue the unique push marketing approach we suggest to get you started.

What to expect

The lesson guide with private links to videos on each topic + ancillary notes and materials.

Modules 1-10
  1. Buying the best laptop, PC, Chromebook, MacBook or iPad — if you don’t already own one.

— They’re not all alike — links and brief pros and cons to brands we recommend

  1. Learning the basic fundamentals of each, including setup of your particular hardware.

— For example, it’s one thing to buy a Chromebook — it’s quite another to tweak it out for maximum efficiency — we’ll show you the latest tips and hacks.

  1. Hooking up to a fast Internet provider and setting up WiFi in your home.

— This can be tricky if you’ve never done it — we step you through the process.

  1. Getting your subscription to an online editing site in place, as well as basic orientation to its functionality.

— We provide a discounted link and explain the pros and cons of different tiers of membership.

  1. Acquiring a domain name for your website.

— Some careful thought should go into your site’s name — we provide helpful pointers.

  1. Buying hosting on a server and setting up your site.

— There is a particular favorite host we are familiar with who consistently overdelivers on value and cost.

  1. Setting up your PayPal account.

— This isn’t necessarily a hard step, but setting up a business account is a bit more complicated — we demystify the process and show how to manage your account — including those all-important invoices.

  1. Setting up your business logs and spreadsheet database.

— We share with you what has worked for us, and provide detailed templates to follow.

  1. Learning how to write a script.

— We will supply a suggested template script or script outline for each of the 6 target markets we recommend.

  1. Learning where to find good visuals, images or stock video.

— A detailed, step by step tutorial on where to go on the World Wide Web to get the highest quality elements, either free or at the lowest price.

Modules 11-20
  1. Setting up your own music library of free downloaded tracks.

— The online subscription edit site we recommend has a fantastic library that comes free with the service — but we show you where to find still more free music — or the lowest cost music, if that winds up being your best option for a project.

  1. Learning what themes (templates) work best for which video.

— We’ve tried them all and will make specific recommendations based on past success in each genre.

  1. Making your first video (Bed & Breakfasts worldwide).
  2. Producing your second video (vacation rental owners everywhere).
  3. Making your third video (nonprofit fundraising & volunteer recognition nationally and internationally)
  4. Making your fourth video (local and regional businesses)
  5. Creating your fifth video  (Internet retailers across the World Wide Web).
  6. Producing your sixth video (high-end real estate listings anywhere).
  7. Learning how to market your services to gain maximum visibility.
  8. Seeking other possibilities – where to look (any topic or market where visuals are needed).

Ready to download the eCourse and get started? Click here.

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Where to Find Fantastic Free Images Online

can you work while waiting for disability decision

I’m often asked where I find the wonderful images that make up the visual component of many of my videos, such as the one shown here, which I used recently in a video promoting a book on self-healing meditation.

I find them all through either Google Images Advanced Search or, in the case of video clips, from one of three online free video clip libraries.

It can be a tremendously fruitful way to discover images you had no idea existed.

In many cases, the free images on Google far surpass any I have found on the paid image websites.

Here are a few of the many examples.

how to make money while waiting for disabilityNo. 1

For this image, I typed in “man at peaceful lake,” to portray one of the lyrics in a music video I produced. I could have chosen from dozens of other possibilities, but this one seemed to work best.

NOTE: In the eCourse, I spell out the very specific steps you must take in your search to make sure you are only looking at images that are copyright-free. Don’t even think about just using a regular Google search to find a legally acceptable image. You can wind up in a lot of trouble.

Getty Images, in particular, owns the rights to quite a few great images you’ll be tempted to use in your video or on your website. But they are very aggressive in finding out who makes unauthorized (i.e., free) use of their properties and you could face a stiff fine.

how to make extra money while on disabilityNo. 2

For this image, I typed in “pensive woman” and the search returned quite a few great images. This one reflected exactly the mood I was trying to convey.

But not all searches are going to be about warm and fuzzy subjects that lend themselves to easy portrayal.

Some require a certain emotional component that can be hard to portray. A tone that tries to elicit a feeling of compassion, for example. But, if you are creative in the search term you put in, the right images will eventually appear.

No. 3

In this instance, say you are doing a fund-raising video for a nonprofit that provides shelter to abused women.

For that search, I typed in “troubled woman.” That turned up this image.

can i work while waiting for disability decision

There were only a handful to choose from that suited, but even if I had gone to a paid site (, for example) I could scarcely have done better.

And Shutterstock wanted $29 for two images. If you must use a paid source, you can download a “watermarked” image to use as a placeholder in the video and show the client why that particular image is the perfect one for his or her video. Then, get payment on top of your fee to cover the cost. Include it in the final invoice.

No. 4

Finally, there are some terrific video clips out there, particularly ones that can be used to portray emotions: freedom, danger, anger, or happiness can be portrayed in clips like these, downloaded from two separate free sites.

No. 5

There are also excellent free computer generated clips. They can also be used to portray emotions and illustrate situations in which another suitable image can’t be found, And some, like the Moon over Water, and Earthrise sequences featured below, may fit nicely in a music video you might do for a singer/songwriter or band.


To sum up, there are plenty of resources available for you free online. You just need to know where to look.

And that’s what we’re here for. To help you succeed.

These are just a few of the many highly specific video production tips we share in the eCourse. Please consider downloading it now,

On special sale now.

working while waiting for disability

This eCourse: Niche Video Production in the 21st Century is available for a limited time at a huge, introductory discount.

It’s available today for just $99.95 for the complete course. Click the cover image to instantly download videos, materials, resource links and more.

And PayPal will even give you the opportunity to take 6 months to pay, interest-free.

Fast, enjoyable, profitable — what do you have to lose?

Let me help you to achieve your financial goals — while having a creative blast. Download this eCourse today.

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